Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) is a psychological therapy for people struggling to cope with self-harming behaviour or suicidal thoughts and those diagnosed with a personality disorder. DBT combines standard cognitive behavioural techniques with concepts derived from Buddhist meditative practice.

The theory behind the approach is that some people are prone to react in a more intense and out-of-the-ordinary manner toward certain emotional situations, primarily those found in romantic, family and friend relationships. DBT theory suggests that some people's arousal levels in such situations can increase far more quickly than the average person's, attain a higher level of emotional stimulation, and take a significant amount of time to return to baseline arousal levels.

Do you feel?
Intense negative emotions (anger, shame, guilt, sadness, fear), which you find hard to control.
Impulsive behaviour to control your emotions, including self-harming, using alcohol or drugs, binge eating, purging etc.
Unstable relationships and fears of being abandoned by others
Feelings of emptiness

Mood swings, with your mood going up and down a lot
Suicide attempts
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