Sadly, many people do not seek professional guidance or help, and instead suffer silently due to the stigma towards seeking psychological help in our society. However, seeing a therapist, does not make you "mentally ill", and is never a sign of weakness. Indeed, it as a sign of courage and strength to want to address issues that far too many people ignore.

I am committed to helping you find solutions to your challenges in life, and to helping you achieve your highest potential. My approach is holistic, client-centered, approach and in order to understand you, and help you achieve your goals, we will issues in depth, understanding always that each person is unique. The problems or challenges that you are facing have solutions, and resolving these will help you understand yourself better. Therefore, any challenges that you face are in fact stepping stones to a positive, joyful, and fulfilling life.

Our first meeting will take sixty minutes during which we will get acquainted, discuss confidentiality policies, and other pertinent topics. Most importantly though, this initial session will focus on your difficulties, any possible risks, reducing your discomfort, setting goals and agreeing upon a treatment plan. By session's end your work will have begun.

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