There are times in life when we feel like we may need some guidance or mentoring from a professional. There is tremendous value in talking through your ideas, problems, and feelings with a psychotherapist who has the experience, training and expertise to understand what you are going through, and help you create a plan to turn your life around.

Individual psychotherapy is ways for you to learn about yourself, not only in terms of mere information, but also in the form of deeply felt and meaningful knowledge that can help you resolve the problems that brought you to therapy and make your life more rewarding. This knowledge can be thought of as a creative integration of thought, feeling, and action.

No two people are alike—each person requires an individualized approach in order to heal and grow. For this reason, I rely on my own experience as a therapist to help you reach the depth of psychotherapeutic understanding you're looking for—one that can only emerge within the context of our work together in a conversation of discovery.

What to expect from Individual Psychotherapy ?
I view things holistically, taking into consideration all of the factors that help to shape who we are in the world – family of origin, current relationships, support network, sources of stress, environment, culture and ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental health and medical history, trauma history, nutrition and substance use, physical activity, work life and any other issues that the client brings in to explore.

Growth happens in an atmosphere of warmth, humor, and non-judgemental support. I create a safe atmosphere in which to explore the barriers to personal fulfillment, and to gently challenge and assist people in developing a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

Are you facing these problems ?
Feelings of loneliness, anger, sadness, anxiety, worry, depression
Being unable to form or maintain intimate relationships
Difficulty with family and friends
Difficulty dealing with disturbing medical information or diagnosis.
Sexual orientation issues such as coming-out
Professional or career challenges
A sense that life itself no longer seems fulfilling or in general is just not "feel right"
Quarter-life crisis
Creative block
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