We have an innate ability to recover from psychological injuries and deprivations, similar to our ability to recover from physical wounds. Emotional healing, however, is not a one-person process. A supportive relationship with another person creates the ideal conditions for emotional growth and repair. Psychotherapy is a special kind of interpersonal relationship designed to activate, strengthen and focus the natural healing abilities of the human mind. During my sessions, I support you and guide you to the best solution possible for you. My approach is designed to find a way to get client's own mind to disclose the cause of the illness or presenting issue thus empowering the client. I believe that by taking charge of their lives and living it to the full potential you are will achieve excellent results in well-being and be happy.

It makes sense that we need relationships to feel like part of the human community, but we also get to know ourselves as individuals in relation to other people. Ourself-images are shaped to a large degree by what we hear other people say about us and how they treat us. Even though a lot of our ideas about ourselves are learned from other people, I believe that within every person a true self always strives for expression and recognition. When another person really "gets" us, what they say about us "rings true," and we feel very connected to him or her. Relationships in which we feel truly seen, heard, and accepted also help us to love and support ourselves. We become more independent as a result of getting the recognition we need from someone else. One of my major goals as a therapist is to provide the best possible conditions for the emergence of the true self, in which the client's humanity and individuality are revealed simultaneously. For both the client and the therapist these beautiful, profound experiences of wholeness are a wellspring from which deep and lasting changes flow.

While I comprehend that certain therapeutic approaches will work for some and not for, hence I tailor my knowledge to each individual, approaching the issues with the utmost respect, supporting you along the way to achieving significant goals and future development. Although my work is not primarily about techniques, when I have a specific application in mind I do use various techniques developed within the established schools of psychotherapy. My flexibility and the breadth of my training allow me to integrate a wide range of therapeutic strategies with my therapeutic philosophy and working style.

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